Edge Bumper

2" Low Profile Edge Bumper

Engineered to the same standards as our popular round bumper, our new rectangular bumper offers a sophisticated, streamlined look–a sleek, modern choice. Made from polycarbonate, it diffuses shock from impacts, is entirely maintenance free and attaches to the same 2” universal mounting base as the curved bumper, making it easy to swap styles.

Product Info
  • A whole new look for 2" Bumper
  • Exceeds the impact performance of PVC by 29% & ABS by 63%
  • Entirely modular: with each piece snapping together on our 2" universal mounting base for easy installation
Color Options
  • Standard colors available to ship within 1 week.
    {{{101 gray}}}
    {{{111 silver}}}
    {{{401 black}}}
  • Custom color matching pre-matched colors ship within 4-6 weeks. Otherwise allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Minimums may apply. Call for pricing.

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