GreenGuard 1

1-Inch Rigid Bumper

GreenGuard 1 is McCue’s protective bumper that provides improved impact performance, delivers simply beautiful aesthetics.

Beautful Aesthetic
  • Polycarbonate exceeds the impact performance of PVC by 29% and ABS by 63%
  • All parts snap together easily, making installation a breeze
Color Options
  • Stock colors available to QuickShip within 24 hours. Please inquire about quantities greater than 2,880 feet.
    {{{401 black}}}
    {{{101 gray}}}
    {{{111 silver}}}
    {{{604 light caramel}}}
  • Standard colors available to ship within 1 week.
    {{{601 beige}}}
    {{{602 brown}}}
    {{{609 putty}}}
    {{{801 white}}}
    {{{501 red}}}
    {{{105 steel gray}}}
  • Custom color matching
    pre-matched colors ship within 3 weeks. Otherwise allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Minimums may apply. Call for pricing.

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