Crash Barriers +ULTRA

Flexible Barrier with ULTRA

Engineered from solid ductile Iron with maintenance-free polypropylene with ULTRA inside for ultimate stopping power, our patented protection ensures heavy equipment doesn’t stand a chance of damaging or rupturing your walls. Crash Barrier is also ideal for creating traffic lanes, framing off areas and separating equipment from people.

Included Parts
  • Concrete Anchors
  • Shock Absorbing Dampers
  • High Visibility

    Your best defense is being seen

  • All-Angle Protection

    Absorbs direct impacts, deflects glancing blows

  • Zero Maintenance

    Install it once, get peace of mind for years

  • Protects Your Floor

    Dampers Protect Concrete

  • Energy Absorbing Design

    Easier on your Equipment, Facility and People

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