CartMagnet Cart Corral

Open Frame Cart Return Station

CartMagnet is attractive to shoppers and captivating to carts. This highly-visible and brand-enhancing cart corral is the cost-effective solution to stray shopping carts taking up valuable parking space.

Product Details
  • Available with or without bumper.
  • Cleats at every corner minimize shifting.
  • Designed to fit into any standard parking space.
  • Increase Cart Return

    Colorful front sign is easy to see over mini-vans and SUVs. Cart return is easier for customers and cart retrieval is easier for retailers

  • Eliminate Tripping

    Top-lock construction stabilizes the cart corral overhead so there is no ground frame to trip customers

  • Quick Setup

    The modular galvanized steel frame allows for quick installation or relocation and it resists rust.

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