Flexible, Surface-Mounted Sign Post

Finally a sign engineered for strength & safety, created to complement the front of your store.

With an adjustable design the BumperSign fits ADA height requirements across the United States. The impact-absorbing core, protective cover and hidden hardware allow the BumperSign to take an impact and make an impact.

This versatile sign can mark anything from accessible parking to curbside pickup and will carry your brand from the store to the parking lot. No more ugly, unattractive signs.

Product Info
  • Paint-free, versatile sign for a consistent, clean appearance.
  • Meets ADA requirements.
  • Maintenance-free with adjustable height for a consistent clean appearance.
  • Energy Absorbing

    Absorbs impact energy and deflects away from vehicles.

  • Quick Installation

    Quick and easy installation in concrete or asphalt. No core drilling or needed.

  • Flexes on Impact

    Hidden shock-absorbing core that flexes on impact

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