Barrier Posts And Ropes: A Better Solution

Barrier posts and ropes can tip over and aren’t the most effective queuing system. McCue’s CartStop Guidance Barrier provides a more stable and professional looking solution than your typical stanchion. And its modular design can fit any store configuration. Contact us to request a quote today.

An Improvement over Barrier Posts and Ropes

A post with a felt rope? Not very hard to get around if you’re an overly eager customer with a cart. The rope suggests where a line should form but doesn’t really enforce it. The posts? Some people will just pick them up and move them. If you’re serious about crowd control, you need something tougher.

McCue’s CartStop Guidance Barrier is a superior barrier system to posts and ropes. You get outstanding:

  • Versatility – Configure the barrier to fit a multitude of spaces. No welding makes installation easy. 
  • Stability  Three concrete anchors fixed to the floor ensure that our barrier system stays in place even in heavy traffic. An inattentive customer can’t knock this barrier over.
  • Appeal – The high-quality chrome finish lends a clean and professional look with which barrier posts and ropes just can’t compete.

McCue CartStop Guidance Barrier is Better than Barrier Posts and Ropes

We Get to Know Our Customers

At McCue, we will get to know your needs with our five-step process.

  1. Assessment – We begin with a review of your space and an evaluation of your needs. 
  2. Planning – We’ll draw up a McCue Print that shows your store with recommended McCue products.
  3. Placement – We’ll review your McCue Print with you to find the ideal placement for our solutions.
  4. Installation  We will help you to configure and install any of our products with simple instructions or installations services if necessary. 
  5. Support – We are always available for maintenance and product replacement after your purchase. 

Contact McCue to get a quote for your CartStop Guidance Barrier today!

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