Retail Products

Over 80% of the biggest names in retail rely on McCue products to protect their stores and their brands. See how McCue covers them back to front to parking lot.

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Material Handling Products

Today’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities need asset protection that’s just as advanced. With McCue, the future is now. And wow.

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meet the crashcore bollard

McCue’s strongest, crash-tested bollard — your total safety solution

crash tested

CrashCore can stop a 5,000 lb vehicle
traveling up to 30 mph per ASTM F3016.
Yeah, we’ve hit it.

easy to install

CrashCore has a simple core drill installation
— so simple you can install one in less than
an hour.

sleek style

Why sacrifice style? Our endless selection of
cover design match any aesthetic without
compromising strength.

Introducing +ULTRA

When you need the Ultimate stopping power +ULTRA
McCue's New Patent Pending system for keeping your facility safe. The ULTRA system integrates with McCue's GuardRail and Crash Barrier systems to provide unprecedented stopping power.

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Outdoor Parkinglot Guide

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McCue Bumper

McCue Bumper can take a hit and look freaky good doing it. Don't take our word for it — we got a spokes guy.

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We wanted something to protect the walls of the corridors from damage caused by prams and wheel chairs and the stainless steel looked better than the plastic bumpers more associated with supermarkets.

Graham Christies, GDC Design
Lanarkshire NHS Health Authority

Quality product, turnkey service and willingness to be flexible as the project requirements evolve from initial concept through the install. We are very pleased the results to date and McCue are specified for both distribution and retail protection.

- Joe Morris, TJ Morris

McCue products are innovative in design and how they are installed. Because of this we can be creative in how we use the products to meet our specific needs.

- Whole Foods

Our old factories, we have a lot of trouble with repairing damaged again and again, it was really a headache for me, we built a new factory with McCue Material Handling products for our Asset Protection; the McCue system resolved all my problems and also it makes our plant look good.

Operations Director

Before using McCue products, we needed to repair and replace the warehouse crash barriers at least 3 times per year, and the concrete floor would get damaged making it hard to find a good spot for installing the new anchors. all the new and remodel warehouse will adopt McCue MH Products to be part of our warehouse standard.

Lan Pei, Manager of Logistics

McCue product is very durable, sometimes I saw it had been abused by the forklift, but is still functioning perfect after these 3 years!

Zhao Liangyu
Manager of Technology Department

After using McCue protection for more than a year, compared with the traditional protection product, whether it is for the convenience of maintenance or appearance, the performance and service are very good, reducing the maintenance costs.

Lu Wei
General Manager Plant #3