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Warehouse Guardrail Safety Barriers

Take control of your warehouse with guardrail safety barriers from McCue. Heavy machinery operating in proximity of your employees and inventory carries a risk of property damage, injury and even death. Separate workers from equipment with our patent-pending design that can surround any space. Request a quote today.

McCue's Warehouse Guardrail System Improves Safety

There's nothing more important than protecting your workforce from heavy equipment. That's why you need a guardrail system that's tough enough to repel any vehicle that gets too close for comfort. 

McCue's guardrail safety barrier is made of durable zinc-plated steel and HDPE. It's strong. Testing shows that if a 6,500 lb. forklift traveling at 13 mph hits the barrier post at a 45° angle, it'll keep standing. 

And our guardrail system is more than just durable. It's:

See the barrier fend off a forklift in the video below:

Add Crash Barriers for Even More Protection

When you need extra security around key areas of your warehouse, combine our guardrails with our Crash Barriers. They're reinforced with solid steel and will withstand even the hardest hits. They sit low to the ground and are perfect for creating traffic lanes around your facility. Like the guardrail, you can install these barriers in just minutes and never have to worry about maintenance.

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McCue: Your Trusted Partner

McCue has been a leader in the asset protection industry since 1988, and our material handling products are taking the warehousing industry by storm. And we know customer service doesn't stop with the sale. Find out how we make doing business with us a pleasure

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Did you know that there are 23,000 on the job injuries every day, in the United States alone? Or that damage from forklift collisions often requires multiple, expensive repairs?

Download this guide to learn about ways to prevent these incidents and the consequences of failing to act.

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