Warehouse Column Protectors

Warehouse column protectors from McCue do more than safeguard your property—they keep productivity at its highest. The strap-and-ratchet system fits a variety of column sizes and allows you to install them in no time. They keep your building, equipment and people safe. Contact us to request more information today.

Column Guards from McCue

Warehouse Column Protectors

Accidentally driving a forklift or pallet jack into a steel column is going to leave a mark.

That's why you need warehouse column protectors—or as we call them, Column GuardsWith shock-absorbing technology, our post protectors are made from high-density polyethylene, a quality plastic solution that requires no welding or painting. They come in a highly visible fluorescent yellow, making them impossible for employees to miss during peak operation hours.

They're also rugged. Testing revealed that the Column Guard can take a hit from a 6,500 lb. vehicle at 2 mph without showing any damage to the column.

The best part about our Column Guards? They're really easy to install. No special tools or training is required. Just fit them around the column and ratchet them in place. No need to order different guards for different column designs, shapes and widths. They fit a variety of sizes. 

Watch how simple installation is in this video:

Total Warehouse Protection

For us, warehouse protection goes beyond our Column Guards. We've developed an entire line of quality material handling asset protection products that will optimize every area of your warehouse. From the front office to shipping and receiving, we've got you covered. Our solutions work well and look great.

We aim to provide superior service and an enjoyable partnership to all of our customers. Our guiding vision has always been to be a company that's "a joy to work for, and a pleasure to buy from." And we're always innovating to give you an advantage in your industry.

Contact us today to request more information about our warehouse column protectors and other material handling products.

Did you know that there are 23,000 on the job injuries every day, in the United States alone? Or that damage from forklift collisions often requires multiple, expensive repairs?

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