Surface Mounted Bollards

Surface mounted bollards from McCue offer the strength of traditional steel and concrete bollards but are much easier to install and maintain. There’s no excavating, no pouring concrete and no repainting. Anchor them directly into the concrete or asphalt surface and you’ve got asset protection that will last for years. Request a quote today!

A New Perspective on Bollards

Safety matters in the workplace. Protect your warehouse from every angle. Check out the solutions below to see how they can help.

FlexCore Bollard

Surface Mounted Bollards

Here are the problems with traditional bollards:

  • They’re difficult to install and a pain to maintain
  • They scratch, bend or break upon impact
  • They damage vehicles and heavy equipment that run into them

Our FlexCore Bollard is a smarter, surface mounted bollard that addresses these issues. Its revolutionary design includes a tensile solid steel rod with a shock-absorbing load ring and a rotating HDPE shell that never needs painting. There’s no hardware for employees to trip over, either.

Unlike a conventional bollard, the FlexCore absorbs energy when hit and redistributes it without damaging warehouse flooring. The outer shell rotates to deflect sideswiping hits. That’s 360 degrees of protection.

Three anchors are all it takes to install. If you need to move it, just remove the bolts and relocate it. 

Recent testing shows that our bollard can withstand an impact from a 6,500 lb. vehicle going 4.5 mph. Those are results you can take to the bank.

FlexPost 6 Flexible Steel Bollard

If you need something simple yet effective, check out the Flex Post 6 Flexible Steel BollardLike its FlexCore cousin, it’s surface mounted and installs in just minutes. There are no tripping hazards, and its stainless steel finish is corrosion resistant. It will provide damage protection for years without losing its luster.

Think outside the warehouse—it can also be used on the sales floor or other high-impact environments. 

Goal Posts

Goal Posts aren’t just for football anymore. They’re the ultimate in door protection. 

Made from heavy-duty polyethylene, powder-coated steel and high-strength nylon, our Goal Posts spare your door frames from hits and bumps from heavy equipment. Just like our bollards, they install quickly—no welding. The offset base won’t block the doorway. The side posts use the same rotating technology as the FlexCore to deflect hits.

McCue: Revolutionizing Asset Protection

Manufacturing is getting more and more advanced—shouldn’t your asset protection follow suit? At McCue, we think so. That’s why we’ve launched an entire line of one-of-a-kind material handling products to address the problems you face every day. Everything is designed in-house with our customers in mind.

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