The Hidden Cost of Pipe Bollards

There's more to the cost of pipe bollards than the purchase price. The labor required to install and maintain a traditional pipe bollard is extensive and impacts your bottom line. Turn to a solution that offers uncompromised protection but installs in a fraction of the time. Find a better bollard from McCue and request a quote today.

A Better Alternative to Steel Pipe and Concrete Bollards

Traditional steel and concrete bollards have been around for a long time—and so have the headaches they cause. Installation is a pain. You need to cut a large hole, excavate it, position the bollard, pour concrete and wait for it to set. 

Once that's done, you're constantly repainting them. If you need to relocate or remove them, you're looking at another exhausting excavation project.

At McCue, we've challenged the status quo with science and engineering. Our bollards can be bolted down on a concrete or asphalt surface so your assets are protected without wasting time and money.

FlexCore Post 6 Flexible Steel Bollard

FlexPost 6 Bollard | Pipe Bollard

When you're looking to make a statement with a simple, clean look and don't want to skimp on strength, the FlexCore Post 6 Flexible Steel Bollard is a cost-effective choice. 


  • Hidden core makes this bollard more durable than a conventional steel pipe
  • Concrete anchors make installation easy
  • Zinc plated steel finish looks great and won't corrode
  • Anchors and bolts are hidden from view

FlexCore Bollard

For the ultimate innovation in bollard design, check out our FlexCore Bollard. Our patented, shock-absorbing core design is tested to withstand impacts from heavy equipment.


  • More strength (and less maintenance) than conventional pipe bollards
  • Flexible core allows the bollard to move upon impact without causing damage to the floor
  • HDPE bollard cover rotates to deflect sideswiping hits from equipment
  • Simple installation eliminates digging holes or pouring concrete

Available in black and safety yellow, our FlexCore bollards are sure to stand out.

McCue Solves Your Warehouse Safety Needs

Since 1988, we've revolutionized the asset protection industry through innovation. We provide Total Warehouse Protection to safeguard your inventory and people from every angle.

We focus our solutions and services on three core values that make up the McCue Difference: integrity, respect and purpose.

See the McCue difference for yourself. Contact us today to get a quote or learn more about our solutions.

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