Pallet Racking Protection

Your pallet racking is destined to get hit by forklifts and pallet jacks, but you can extend its life by arming it with pallet racking protection products from McCue. Our innovative solutions prevent your pallet racks and valuable products from becoming damaged. Learn about all of the solutions we offer and request a quote!

Rack End Protector

The McCue Rack End Protector does exactly what it says—it guards the ends of your pallet racking and spares it from damage.

Energy-absorbing polypropylene absorbs direct impacts and deflects blows from every angle. You can quickly and easily install the Rack End Protector and enjoy peace of mind as it protects your pallet racking for years to come. 

Other benefits include:

  • High-visibility finish makes the protector easy to see (and avoid)
  • No maintenance costs—once it's anchored into your floor, you never have to worry about upkeep

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Shock-Absorbing Rack Guard

Exposed rack columns are vulnerable to impacts from forklifts and pallet jacks. Since they provide structure and stability to your pallet racking system, you need to protect them as much as you can. Our Shock-Absorbing Rack Guards are made from heavy-duty zinc plated steel and a shock-absorbing rubber core.

Other benefits include:

  • Ability to fit any standard pallet rack 3?x 1? or 3?x 3? column
  • A half-moon shape efficiently deflects impacts

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Rack Mounted Guard

Forklifts don't only threaten the stability of pallet racking from the bottom. They can also hit and damage pallet racks at any height. Our Rack Mounted Guard is designed to fit around a variety of rack sizes (from 238" to 3 1/4") and installs quickly and easily using Velcro fastener straps. The versatility of the Rack Mounted Guard means you can protect the columns of your pallet racking wherever necessary.

Other benefits include:

  • An energy-absorbing polyethylene exterior
  • Design exceeds EN 15512 impact requirements 

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McCue Material Handling: Total Warehouse Protection

Your pallet racks aren't the only thing that can be damaged in a warehouse.

Protect every aspect of your business with material handling products—including bollards, pedestrian barriers and crash barriers—from McCue. Request a quote today.

Did you know that there are 23,000 on the job injuries every day, in the United States alone? Or that damage from forklift collisions often requires multiple, expensive repairs?

Download this guide to learn about ways to prevent these incidents and the consequences of failing to act.

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