Pallet Racking Guards

Accidents are all too common in an industrial workplace and can easily cause unintentional damage to pallets, goods, equipment and people. McCue’s Rack Guard is engineered to withstand big hits without ruining your concrete. Contact us to get a quote today!

Why Our Rack Guard Is Better Than the Rest

When was the last time you had an easily avoidable accident in your warehouse? Are you tired of ruined pallets and damaged equipment?

The McCue Rack Guard is your first line of defense in protecting your pallet rack columns from high-impact disasters. They'll keep your racks in pristine condition and your warehouse running like clockwork year round.

Each Shock-Absorbing Rack Guard features:

  • A half-moon shape that efficiently deflects impacts
  • A Hidden impact-dampening hardware that prevents concrete failure
  • A shock-absorbing rubber core impacts response and flexibility
  • The ability to fit any standard pallet rack (3”x 1”) or a 3”x 3” column
  • A zinc electroplated finish that protects the guard against rust and corrosion
  • Two configurations—10” and 16”

Click here to see just how protective our rack guard is against damaging twists and turns:

In testing, our rack guard took a hit from a 6,500 lb. vehicle going more than 3 mph and bounced back it its original position. Don’t you just love science?

Don't Miss the Rack Mounted Guard, Either

For even more pallet rack protection, our Rack Mounted Guard is a high-strength solution to saving pallets, merchandise, racking legs and more. This polyethylene body guard is tough on impacts and flexible enough to wrap around a variety of racking sizes. Strap velcro straps around the racking legs and you're all set.

Choose McCue for All Your Industrial Protection Needs

At McCue, our in-house design solutions are our pride and passion. From warehouses to retail outlets and parking lots, protecting your assets is our No. 1 priority.

To buy our rack guards, get a quote today. To learn more about our solutions that last a lifetime, request a catalog.



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Did you know that there are 23,000 on the job injuries every day, in the United States alone? Or that damage from forklift collisions often requires multiple, expensive repairs?

Download this guide to learn about ways to prevent these incidents and the consequences of failing to act.

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